Selecting the right indoor or outdoor tent setting can effect a top drawer celebration, graduation, shower, or wedding. A unique find of the perfect tent affords the ultimate party or celebratory presentation.

Tent Styles
Jack’s Tents and Productions presents tent rentals for anniversaries, bridal events, or corporate functions publicly or for private invitation only.

Frame Tents
Affordable tent rental is achievable with frame tents when limitations in space are apparent. Frame Tents are standalone with aluminum pipe in their design. The absence of center poles creates ease with function when there’s a need to use every portion of available spacing. Optimal configurations are achievable along with a fewer number of anchor points to structure solid placement. Frame Tents are useful also when set adjacent to structures and buildings.

Pole Tents
Center poles, guy-lines, and side poles support traditional tent structures in a more classic style. Entertainment events, festivals, and carnivals are peppered with pole tents for protection from the elements. Pole Tents queue up the atmosphere of vibrancy and fresh expectation. Canopy tent rentals similarly offer tinges of mystery… and the promise of impromptu delights.

Clearspan Tent Structures
Grand events may require large tent rentals. Clearspan Structures are purlin engineered with heavy aluminum beams. The inside space formed creates an interior environment for complete event navigation. This tent structure type can be assembled for any use – in every season.

Tension Tents
These tents offer elegance with a picturesque appearance in their design. The latest in engineering, Tension Tents showcase sculptured manufacturing with a minimalist side. Fewer poles in the tent interior open up an enclosed setting fabricating a vaulted effect in scene. Large crowds can navigate through these types of tents effortlessly.

Jack’s Tents and Productions will oversee any Chicago party rental, Chicago wedding Rental or event with professional presentation. Contact us for your seasonal and event promotions.

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