"Presenting expert lighting, flooring, design with fabric, and tenting solutions for major event premieres.”
The making of a spectacular event is in the details. Jack’s Tents and Productions plans special occasions and party hosting at a moment’s notice. The spontaneity Jack’s Tents brings to event planning is perfected from years of experience in advertising, live production, and PR. We provide the appearance of seamless flow in our event presentation and tent rental planning. We guide our clientele to reach their pinnacle of entertainment party and event splendor – we leave nothing to chance.

Jack’s Tents showcases the advancements in on site staging and performance with superior art and design planning. Climate control supervision, dramatic flooring, and prescient lighting, highlight the expert choices that parallel precise selecting. Jack Tent’s uses an artful eye when producing events that satisfy clients year round.

The tenting solutions we present offer heating tent rentals for changes in seasons and large tent rentals for exclusive events. Convention meetings and large scale sporting and recreation presentations we supply tenting, seating, and tent designing with talented integrity.

Experts in tent rentals and event presentation with design, Jack’s Tents selects a personal touch that’s equivalent to creating your next party or promotional event fashionably. Tents are anchored by our on-site technicians using weight boxes to secure tenting when staking is expressly prohibited. Your event is your moment and our experience team handles all the work behind the scenes. Your task, should you agree to accept, is to enjoy yourself and your moment. Jack’s Tents’ professional team shares its years of experience with event planning to help your casual or black tie event shine bright.

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