“You are cordially invited to a professionally accessorized celebration.”

Planning a special or one of a kind celebration requires attention to detail and foresight. An event planned successfully blends the perfect choice of accessories with personally selected moments. The surprise is the gathering, the party, or the event concludes with a personable flair. Always understated and never rushed, the meeting or party attendees often wonder, how do they do it?

Anyone will tell you, a well-planned get together is the sum of its individual parts. When the pieces of the event planning puzzle include stunning party accoutrements, posh boutique design, or a redress of a casual meet, every item of the celebratory story was chosen individually; and when those accessories are selected right, the back story they present takes the event to a bright success.

Jacks Tents Can Service You With:

  • Affordable Tent Rentals
  • Climate Tent Controls
  • Jack’s Tents Staff On Site
  • Large Tent Rentals
  • Party Tents
  • Rental Canopy
  • Tent Rental for Weddings
  • Staging
  • Tent Flooring
  • Tent Lighting

Jack’s Tents plans the perfect event celebration for our clients. The premier presenter in tent rental and party tent rentals, Jack’s Tents and Productions provides professional, private, and party functions in Waukegan and in greater Chicago. Providing the stages of setup is only the first step. Rental tents, creative floor settings, and creating the perfect climate are achieved for the successful party or dinner.

There is only the first in opportunity to make a lasting party impression. Jack’s Tents designs elegant productions, community, and personal events, offering the pinnacle of event staging and accessory complements in Illinois.

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